Skin benefits

Has my diet and exercise regimen given me an

appearance of being younger than 80?


This page has been added because I have had many queries as to what do I attribute my “much younger than a 80 year old’s skin”. It seems that I look no older than my 2004 photo, so I have explored why this could be so.
This development has been accidental, in that it is simply side effects of aspects of my regimen. I was not aware of these side benefits at the time, but I have researched them so that I can try and answer the headline question.
My research has indicated that some of the parts of my regimen have been shown by some researchers to have a beneficial effect on one’s skin. 
Listing them ( do your own research for confirmation, or otherwise of these opinions );
Intense bursts of intermittent exercise.
Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C supplements
Eating full fat foods.
Avoiding all food that contains added sugar, and, of course, avoiding adding sugar to one’s own food and drinks.