About Reg

Why Reg The Pledge ? In an earlier life I was a committed member of the Salvation Army. And while in that wonderful, unjudgemental organization, it was drilled into me that ” A pledge is much more than a promise, it is a personal commitment between you and God”. I am no longer a Salvationist, my beliefs are now more secular, but the significance of making a pledge never left me.

So, when in a later life I sought to become an elected politician, I never made promises on my election material . Instead they were ” Reg Macey’s Pledges”. My record in keeping to my pledges, and being continually re-elected, led to my friends and associates nick-naming me “Reg The Pledge”, a nick-name that still sticks with those who knew me during that period in my life. 


Reg approaching 78 in 2014

I am 80 years old ( note photos on this site were all taken when I was 78) and up until 11 years ago, I suffered from obesity, high blood pressure and pre-diabetic blood glucose level, and I was experiencing far too many “senior moments” of annoying memory lapse. A volunteer trip to Thailand after the tsunami in 2004 set me on a very different path. There I happened to meet amazing health experts, who, by that lucky chance, changed my life. As I became healthier, leaner and fitter over the years, a number of people associated with me who witnessed the transformation sought my advice as to how they could, perhaps, achieve similar results. Once I realized that my assisted explorations of lifestyle improvements had become a minor movement of sorts, it became apparent that even more people could experience the benefits of those explorations if we shared them online. With the help of my supporters, everything you see here is a labor of love and passion for a better quality of life through empowering our bodies in a more  evolutionary sound way than the fast-paced modern lifestyle imposes.


When I commenced my regimen, I was not able to ride a mountain bike. This activity I did not attempt until when, approaching 72, a little over a year into my rejuvenation, my control of my body’s balance gave me the confidence to do so. It has proven to be a major factor in my physical development since then. The riding is done standing, at a gentle pace, in as high a gear as is comfortable, without getting out of breath.

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 Exercising my upper body in particular while walking my bike down a slope: training to compete in the 100 metre sprint at the October 2016 Perth (Western Australia) World Master Athletics Games: and standing up in the pedals on a bike, the only whole body exercising way to ride a bike ( note how all my visible muscles are in tension).