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Over 60? This website is designed to help you with health and mobility issues that come with senior age - it's never too late to start with reverse aging! All the information on this website is and will remain absolutely free of charge!

If you were born in the 30’s 40’s or 50’s, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

  • What is your greatest concern about your future once you reach retirement: are you worried that your retirement years could be initially diminished in enjoyment, and finally ravaged by dementia or Alzheimer’s?  And that, because of your present physical condition, a longer life might not be a better life ?

If the answer is YES to either one or both of these questions, this website aims to describe the simple diet and exercise regimen which has enabled me to overcome both of these retirement concerns. The photos that follow demonstrate the physical transformation; my mental transformation I will leave others to endorse later in this website. Meanwhile recent research confirms that exercise cuts risk of Alzheimers in half...

before - after


I am Reg Macey and since then, I have – obviously – gone through an amazing inner and outer transformation which has greatly improved the quality of my life. At the age of 80 I feel healthier and fitter than I ever did before!  In the beach photo above I was training for the 100 metre sprint at the  2016 World Masters Athletics Championships. A torn hamstring unfortunately stopped me in a qualifying race…but I did achieve getting to that stage. In various sections of this website I will be sharing both texts and videos meant to support you in, hopefully, achieving a significant improvement in your enjoyment of your retirement years. You will read or hear of the gradual changes in my lifestyle I adopted after my volunteer trip after the Tsunami that struck Phuket , Thailand, on 26 of December 2004.

But note that my developed ability to sprint 100 metres is a consequence of my rejuvenation regimen. Sprinting is NOT part of the rejuvenation regimen that led me to my present state of fitness.. The fitness I now enjoy  because of that rejuvenation regimen enabled me to first move into gentle sprinting in 2011. Walking, exercise on a stepping machine and mountain bike riding and my diet change brought me to that fitness level.

Our modern lifestyle is one in which, once we reach ‘senior’ age, rapid debilitation is certain, widely accepted even – I came to learn, together with some of my guides and fellow troopers, that it doesn’t have to be like that, at all!  Some of my followers who did achieve results, such as significant improvements in their health, have banded together to fund this website so that I could assist more people the same way. In sharing my own and the experience I got by working with others. All the information is, and will remain absolutely free of charge!

Note that I have had no formal medical training, and advise that you should consult an appropriate practitioner before embarking on any of the diet changes and the exercise method of very short burst intense activities that have worked for me, and for countless others. None of us are wired exactly the same, so, unfortunately, I can give no false pledges that my experience will be the same as yours.

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